(BUG) Crash Upon Startup

Dear BareMettle Games,

Recently I have been unable to start the game. The game doesn't load at all just goes completely white when I start the game, then if I click, it crashes and I have to close the program. I would link crash files, however I don't believe there is any crash files created as the game doesn't begin. Although if I am incorrect on that assumption, I might be looking in the wrong area and let me know and I could find these files to show you. I have un-downloaded the game an redownloaded the gam multiple times. I'm really upset as this is one of my favorite games and its killing me to play again.

My Rig is a ASUS Zephyrus with 16g ram, Intel Core I7-9750H CPU 2.6GHz, and a GeForce RTX 2070. I have recently updated my drives and believe this to be the issue however I have no idea how to solve this as this was a while ago and not really sure if its a good idea to revert my driver for the RTX backwards.

I am patient on your reply, and hope to get to the bottom of this so I can continue playing this fantastic game!




That sucks, there generally shouldn't be any problems to roll back drivers to older versions
also you can find the error log fire at %appdata%/exanima in the exanima.txt file
Parco, I found the problem at this thread,


This was very insightful as it was exactly my issue, and I did this and thee we are, its fixed. I just have to wait till Nvidia, or BareMettle fixes the issue either way I get to play the game.


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