Can I still donate through Paypal and receive a reward?

tiny lampe

Hi there,

I recently discovered Sui Generis and, even though the kickstarter campaign was successful, I'd still want to donate some money via paypal. I'm also very interested in following the progress of the game as close as possible so I'd like to have access to the insider forum and the beta of the game. My question is: are such rewards still available for those who donate via paypal now that the funding process has finished?

I read in this thread ( that such rewards will be changed soon. I won't be able to donate until late next week. Will the rewards still be available by then?

Thank you!

Tony Dye

At least some of them will be, yes. Expect the boxed collecter's edition to go away fairly soon, and the T-Shirt offers to come available.

Gerald S.

Glad you guys have the paypal donation option up. I tried donating no less than 6 times at home and work on the second to last day and on the last day of the Kickstarter campaign and it kept giving me an error each time. Then I forgot about it until after it was over but was delighted to see you guys still made the goal. Anyway, I just donated 10GBP.

GOOD LUCK! Can't wait to see the finished product.


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