Can the physics engine of exanima be applied to other types of games?


I remember reading that the devs built the engine themselves from the ground up, so I was wondering if the engine was limited to exanima style of games (i.e 3rd person isometric) or is it capable of being applied to other types of games like first person, brawlers etc? if so is it theoretically possible that we could have something like fight night or skyrim with this physics engine?

El Maco

Yes, all the technology is original work by Bare Mettle (mostly Madoc I guess).

In theory we could have other games utilizing it (e.g. a survival/horror kind of game would be pretty intense! I mean imagine improvising physics-based traps, barricading doors etc when something horrible is hunting you...)

I think the main reason why BM had to relocate to a castle in Italy was to be able to fight off agents from other game companies who want to steal their tech. But who knows, maybe in future someone will succeed.
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Thats why patenting exist.
But it would be hard to prove anyways... and by now they could have check the files and developing something similar themselves.

You already saw some blizzard agents trying to boicot.
The one game I would really like to see in this engine is Titan Quest, whom many concern the best spiritual successor of Diablo 2.

I can imagine the incredible hype that would cause among the D3 and PoE playerbase when they see a hero charging shield-first into a mass of all kinds of mythological baddies, slamming his shield into the ground, sending them in the air proceeding to hack them while they try to get up, and in the next second he is rammed by a centaur boss that sends him flying 20 meters ahead. He stands up, dusts off his armor and shouts "Are you not entertained?!", then proceeds to outwit the dumb centaur by dodging his charges and slashing his tendons... The boss fights would be particularly epic and unique.

Titan Quest just got a major bugfix and an expansion when a relatively new company named THQ Nordic bought the rights and resumed development on this gem. They also own rights to a lot of niche titles like Gothic and Desperados. If Bare Mettle and THQ Nordic could somehow find a common language, it could be a revolution in gaming started by remakes of some of the best games of the past.

Just an idea...
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I wonder if it would be possible to make a WWI themed game with similar mechanics to this one. would make for quite the interesting blend of melee and ranged combat for sure

Don Kanaille

The one game I would really like to see in this engine is Titan Quest, whom many concern the best spiritual successor of Diablo 2.
I dont think Exanima style physics would work with this type of game at all. Hack n Slashs live by the fact that you can charge multitudes of exotic monsters and click them all to death while performing superhuman and magical feats. Exanima is the antithesis of that, because it is very strictly bound by physics. You cannot even properly hit more than one enemy with a single strike, and skills need to work completely different because there are no pre-made naimations. The only benefit such a game could take from the Exanima engine is the ragdolling of corpses and maybe enemies that get knocked into the air, but Titan Quest already has basic ragdolling, so the difference would be minimal. The combat in its whole would not work in a classic Diablo style game at all.


I think it would rule, there is no need to multi hit, imagine power to pummel enemies like sauron on middle earth army, i can hack and slash my salary in half gladly to play less sparky/asian speed diablo 3 with proper hit physics.


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