Character Customization


Will the player be able to get a haircut in the game? Is changing one's appearance an option?
It could be fun if your hair and beard grows ... so sometime in town you could get haircut. But it should be switchable in menu so people fixated on their character appearance are not offended.
Uhu, I often find that I as I play a game I didn't do an insanely terrific job in creating my character so it's always nice to have options to customise your character's appearance during the game.


I believe we have talked about this in other threads, but this is definitely a subject to discuss. If we have rogues of a style like in Thief, and we have NPCs reacting to our appearance and actions, then we should be able to change our clothes, hair, makeup....etc., to disguise ourselves. I think this is a must AND a realistic environmental wish.
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One thing that bothers me from a lot of games is when one gender gets hair customization options the other gender does not. The most recent example was XCOM: EU where I have a lot of male friends with long hair and I had to give them helmets when trying to recreate them in game because boys don't have long hair.
I do think what you think yah I like when, the gamer only have haor choices on there genders NOT the way they want too! Be .. its a shame actually {Plus} NOW I have to chose between mine perfect dream character.
Muscluar , dark skin
LONG black hair
sexy body
and exct.. I have to found that one by mine self
Short hair
Super strong
Light white-ish eye
Right eye
and mostly that it.


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