"Choke up" on weapons

I'm not very good at wording ideas, but would it be complicated to add a game feature which allows you to either choke up (if this is what you even call it) or "choke down" a weapon handle? For instance, if you have a halberd and were going to enter an enclosed space such as a hallway, I believe it'd be useful to add an option which allows your to position your characters hands and reduce the weapon's reach. Or you could "choke down" when you reach an open area for obvious purposes, such as a length advantage.

I feel you could do this two ways :
1. Manually click the weapon and use two sliders which represents your characters hands along a bar which could represent the weapon's handle. Also, I believe there should be a "flip" option for if your character is left-handed or just ambidextrous (This could also be learned as a skill, but this is for another discussion haha)
2. A hotkey which is preset for choking up and has coordinates already set, which could easily be pressed and used even mid-combat.

OR, you could "save" where you moved the sliders in the first option and utilize a hotkey for mid-combat usage.

I'm not sure, but I believe this strategic utilization of a "flexible" weapon was used historically as well.

I've hit the 270 hour mark on exanima (i swear im not fat), so I thought I might as well throw in some of my ideas since I've really come to love the game. Also, forgive my ignorance to medieval terminology and also if this idea has already been presented elsewhere!
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