Clarification on game title


Oh wow, thanks. I guess i was going to see it later today when downloading the beta(hopefully ;d) but still, it's really great.
I should draw better and do some SG inspired things ;_;

Wonder since when it was sitting there.
The 'hype' causes me pain.


the wallpaper looks badass, really nice artwork.
i too keep refreshing the pages almost every 30 sec :p
damn, its thundering outside, if the power goes before the release im gonna be salty for the rest of the day :p


Well, modesty and humility are said to be good traits... however, I think the entire Bare Mettle team has earned the right to claim that Sui Generis applies to both. In some of the previous announcements you state that you do not like the current trend(s) in RPGs of late. You are attempting to make Sui Generis in a new way that doesn't follow current trends. Despite your original intent I do believe the title is fitting ;)
Couldn't have said it better myself!


After reading several comments implying that the title Sui Generis is in reference to the game's uniqueness I thought I would clarify that when we came up with it it was in reference to the player's character rather than the game itself. Part of the theme of the game is supposed to be the mystery behind your unique ability to return to life. Not that this is necessarily much better but at least it's a little less pretentious which was certainly not our intention.
Wow I like that. Everything in the world that isn't realistic needs an origin and depth. Even the title. Returning to life in games are commonplace, but no here. Maybe like "Planescrape Torment" where it's part of the story (?)

I remember thinking while playing: there are zombies, but it turns out there is a reason for zombies being there. It's part of what is going on in that dungeon. You find books and jars with liquids and corpses on dissecting tables - it gives a sense of lore and purpose for that place to exist.
That way the supernatural becomes more "magical" and special. Instead of - "Its a dungeon, of course there are walking dead".

For the game to be Low Fantasy it is necessary to have anything stand out that would stand out in the real world.
I have high hopes for this one, mates!
From the Oxford dictionary:

Bare: Without addition; basic and simple. (also used as naked, raw)

Mettle: A person’s ability to cope well with difficulties; spirit and resilience.

Common expressions in English are "prove your mettle" and "show your mettle", meaning "demonstrate
your true character" and used synonymously with showing ability to do something.

Ironically bare is also slang for "lots of". We don't use this slang ourselves but appreciated the double meaning.

So, the company name basically means: do your thing, no bullshit.
Ever since I was a kid I care about the meaning of the name of my character. I took it as my identity for the web. The funny thing is that (after a long time) the meaning of it doesn't matter, after all, the nickname means "you" to other people. So what matters and determines that meaning is what you are - and what you mean to others.

For now - Exanima and Bare Mettle means a lot for me. It's a kind of hope - a way to save the RPG gameplay from damnation. Ambition without greed, passion with creativity - that's actually we need from developers.

(sorry for my bad english)
Exanima means soulless and sui generis unique
So these zombies doesn't have soul? There's a theory that "zombies" are just humans that have reached imortality. If both setences are true, or you must pay with your soul for imortality or these zombies are just lab rats, experiment failures.


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