Close quarter combat

First of all, I would like to thank the Bare Mettle Entertainment team for giving medieval gaming a new birth, since in my opinion the physical and combat system developed for this game is putting to shame any other games I have played or seen. It truly shows the effectiveness of the many types of melee weapons in different types of situation, and makes you wonder with such a system how fun would it be in any given historical context (just imagine a greek hoplite, roman legionnaire or renaissance duelist with this system !).
So in my opinion you have pretty much revolutionized the genre and it is so great that you are opened to modding in the future because the system in itself has infinite potential.

I find that it also connects fantasy to its roots (Tolkien and Conan’s Sword and Sorcery) where magic is a dangerous and mysterious thing (I mean if people could casually throw fire balls with their hands who would still be using swords?).

So my question is : are you planning on changing close-quarter combat, maybe adding a stance mode where you could switch to close-quarter / open space combat that would change techniques ?
I am saying this because I find it difficult to put pressure and making assault in close quarter, which I think would be mostly based on minimum momentum fighting, giving more importance to sharp and balanced weapons, while obviously polearms are shining on the battlefield. I feel that thrusting in its current state is a bit too reliant on gaining momentum, but maybe I am just too bad a player, is there a way of quickly thrusting while pressing forward with your legs, like a boxer would do with a jab to put pressure on his opponent ?
In this matter, I have trouble understanding if the sharpness of the blades are in themselves sufficient to hurt your opponent. Playing with swords I noted that slipping my blade on the enemy throat during a close struggle was of no effect, where a fine blade would cut a non armored body part with ease even with no momentum. I might be wrong but if anyone could clear my mind about this that would be great.

PS : It would be the same for spears and pikes, where impalement would be sufficient to keep enemy at bay. The renaissance tercio or the macedonian pikes formation would use spears in such a manner, where they would use some sort of leverage to maintain their weapons, advance and drive back opponents.

I hope that my questions and remarks will not feel derogatory in any way, I am simply asking because I love the work you have done.

Thanks for reading and happy Christmas to all !
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