Coffee Diary 11/4/22


Hey Exanimates,

We are still working on the weapon system update, the changes we've been having to make to support this are very extensive and as we've been making them we uncovered other things to eventually solve, like being able to punch while holding a shield, or holding a light source correctly with one, holding non combat items like musical instruments, unique creature attacks or abilities and various other small things or issues that need resolving. Diving back into this at a later time to make another round of changes would be very counter-productive, so we want to be thorough.

There are some other things in the works as our focus shifts towards the next story update. As we briefly mentioned before, we're working towards some improvements to path-finding that are important for some more complex level design in upcoming content, but also interaction with dynamic elements and general improvements. Another change that is important, at least from a gameplay perspective, is the thaumaturgy system which must now include multiple domains and a power level and investment mechanic, beyond just learning new powers. There is actually more still to the thaumaturgy system that didn't make it into our initial implementation, and this will add a lot in terms of build diversity and discovery. We're not going to go into details just yet, there's quite a bit more that needs to go into power design, but if you've followed development closely you might have an idea.

That's it for this week, we're pretty sure we've covered everything now with the weapons system changes to wrap it up and we've got various general fixes done too so we're eager to get it all tested and things updated.

Have a great week!
-the BM team
I'm very excited to hear more about the work being done on the multiplayer aspect of the game. Cannot wait to enjoy this game with friends! :)


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