Coffee Diary 13/12/21


Hey Exanimates,

This week we added yet a few more features to arena, notably a new company creation screen which allows you to name your company and design an emblem. These emblems don't have much purpose just yet, but we plan to use them in various ways, including procedural shield designs, banners and tabards. We've also added company records which track wins, losses, deaths and various other things. There's a few changes here to the UIs to accomodate these new features and more. We've done a few more fixes too, updated save formats (remember current arena saves will be wiped) and functionally everything is ready to go.

We're still putting a final layer of polish on the new arenas and items, but these are basically ready too, and we began writing the release notes which is a little tricky with how much we need to cover. We're definitely done adding new features for now and we should be able to go live with it all in the next few days.

Have a great week!
-the BM team


This is really amazing and quite exciting! I've been dumping a lot of time into the arena and I must say I LOVE the balances done to payout and enemy AI. The progression feels like such a better pace. The introduction of physicians also greatly helps with the anxiety of fighters dying permanently all the time and I haven't felt the need to forfeit to avoid risking killing my fighters.

A couple things I've noticed missing from the Arena shop are Bar Maces and hooks. The addition of the sickle is good and makes me wish there was a proper scythe weapon too. A weapon with a big right angle bend in it could be really useful for getting around shields, I find that some of the new sickle blades to this on the small buckler.

I cannot wait to set up my Company name and logo! Thank you guys for the evergold content


Nice work! I still hope we will get more things done for the dungeon part, when all the arena things are ready.


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