Coffee Diary 13/7/20


Hey Exanimates,

This week Madoc's been ironing out the last kinks in the new renderer, testing many materials, tuning how light sources work etc. There is still some work to do in general, but the point was to get everything where visually nothing will change. This means the art guys can make and finalise assets, materials and textures etc. without worrying about Madoc making one more tweak and changing how their work looks. Basically we're making the switch and we can get on with properly producing complete content again.

Rendering quality is even more improved, everything looks so much better than it did, we're super excited to see it all come together. This did turn out to be a bigger effort than intended, but when we do something we like to do it properly. It's easy to think that graphics don't matter all that much, but when everything looks much more realistic and true to life it can have a big effect on immersion, and that's something we care about very much. We really think this will have a huge impact on the game.

Our procedural item system has been mostly ported over now. The new procedural weapons look really great, we're not quite there with all the character stuff but it's close and it looks amazing so far. We're also expanding the system with more material layers and types which allows us to introduce some new items, and a new very thoroughly researched colouring system that is much more versatile and designed to support dyes.

Next week we'll hopefully have some juicy screenshots of updated character graphics for you.

Have a great week!
-the BM team


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