Coffee Diary 15/2/21


Hey Exanimates,

This week we got through a few more fixes and we ended up completely remastering the "level 4" textures and materials, which are by far our oldest assets after having rebuilt the earlier level assets entirely. It's looking really nice.

After the initial testing week which was mostly hunting bugs, we've been looking more at feedback and making some general adjustments to lighting and some other things. Ultimately all our level lighting was not designed with these new features, and at some point we're going to want to do review it to better take advantage of them. We've seen how we can really make the lighting more interesting and the environments look much more diverse. Fortunately our lighting is 100% dynamic and this will be quite easy to do, but we won't get into this just yet.

There are still a few issues to solve with later content. The markets could do with some slightly more involved solutions, so we're thinking of just cutting them out of the first beta branch release so you don't have to wait longer. We'll patch them in along with some nice additions following this first release.

We'll need a couple of days to wrap things up for the beta branch. There will not be a complete wipe yet, but that is coming soon. If you have an arena save that you care about we'd recommend backing it up before switching to the beta branch, in case of any remaining bugs. There's also a hub reset here, so if you have any items lying around your hub put them in your arsenal or they will be lost. We'll be patching and hotfixing frequently after release, so please help us find any bugs we missed and give us some good constructive feedback.

Have a great week!
-the BM team


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