Coffee Diary 18/10/21


Hey Exanimates,

The tournament system is just about done, just a few details left to wrap up. The mechanics of the tournament system are quite complex, you enter fighters up to a week in advance, choose weapons for specific rounds, rival companies and fighters compete with or without you, results are tracked, there's multiple reward tiers and so on. Keeping things quick and intuitive was quite tricky. There's also some other features we're working into this related to the passage of time, economy and company management.

Last week we mentioned some new NPC outfit generation for tournaments, but there's quite a lot more to it. We've been building towards this with the new procedural itemisation, smarter and more powerful outfit and item generation is a useful world building tool, it's useful for AI in various ways, but we've also been looking at using it for more randomisation in story. The basic idea here is that some special encounters in story would be recognisable characters with a theme, yet have randomised items. These currently represent some static gear upgrades, so this would make both the encounters themselves and other items more interesting.

As we near the big release and test things we've also been looking at some general quality of life stuff, fixes, core gameplay issues and performance for some systems. There's some sticky pathfinding we're fixing and we discovered a foot collision issue which can cause characters to drag their feet or even stumble on uneven terrain. We have a big list of QoL stuff which we think is really important, but right now we're looking at some of the common things that can cause a bit of frustration.

All that aside, we're just integrating and finalising some new assets and content, there's new arenas, updated environments, new items, some more procedural weapons, new or remastered music tracks and so on. At this point we've been through quite a lot of general changes and fixes, and the tournament rewards have been split with the season system, so we're thinking of doing one last beta branch update to test everything again before the full update with all of the content.

Have a great week!
-the BM team


Sounds like Arena Mode is embracing the simulation aspect with these company reputations. That's pretty cool!


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