Coffee Diary 19/10/20


Hey Exanimates,

We are still working hard to get the renderer beta update ready, there's nothing big left to do, but quite a lot of little things to finalise.

We've rebuilt our undead / body decomposition on the new procedural material system, and also given them more realistic morphing. You can see from the screenshot how there's various procedural effects from bruising and vascular damage to skin sagging and tearing. We've got some other improvements to introduce that we showed you some prototypes of a while back (like organs and bones showing), and they are easy to add now that the system is in place. This is a big improvement over what is currently in game, and definitely gives the undead a much more creepy appearance.


We've also put a lot more work into our procedural cloth. This is not the most exciting material, but it features very prominently on characters. We wanted cloth to look more realistic in general, have good wear and dirt effects and also work well with more vibrant colours. We're also updating our colouring system to something more versatile that is built around a new palette based on dyes.

We've rebuilt our post-processing on top of our new renderer systems, with a few good improvements and the introduction of a good gamma feature for the new settings screen.

Besides that we're still just fixing, tweaking, adding smaller less critical features and updating key assets to get everything ready to hand over to our testers. We're getting through it pretty fast so hopefully we'll be able to do this within days.

Have a great week!
-the BM team


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