Coffee Diary 20/1/20


Hey Exanimates,

Here are the notes on today's meeting:

-Fixed various issues with and completed some mechanics for current set of thaumaturgic powers.

-Implemented core functionality for dynamic music changes and some applications of it.

-Solved some movement issues with a new character type.

-Discussed multiplayer, specifically what's needed for the first playable forms and what features to prioritise.

-Went over plans for additional special 'artifacts', as well as unique interactive items.

-Had a long discussion about future gameplay features, not just the core gameplay systems that you know are planned, but also more meaningful world interactions.

-Discussed the careful addition of more randomization and dynamic events to enhance replayability.

-Went over our elaborate plans for late game death mechanics, possibly getting the first of these features into the upcoming update.

-The move went well, office spaces have been setup and we're all hyped up for the future!

Have a great week!

-the BM team


Will these randomized events be for all levels? Including 1-3? And by randomized, does that mean finding NPCs in different areas? Would that add more NPCs or just move them around.


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