Coffee Diary 20/7/20


Hey Exanimates,

Work continues on updating our procedural materials and systems. Between the renderer update, updating assets and the new procedural material systems and workflow, we're able to get some amazing results. When we first did our procedural materials we were basically working blind, but now we can create very detailed and complex procedural materials interactively and then port the results directly into the real-time system. We also came up with some processing tricks that hugely improved overall image quality, reducing aliasing while giving better definition and sharpness to the result.

Here's an example of a top condition, top quality piece of armour. The character asset itself is untouched and the texture resolution is exactly the same, this is just how much better everything looks with the new system. It's a simple screenshot of the in game asset, no tricks.


For comparison here is the same armour in the most damaged condition:


Lacquered and painted metals are also looking really good, we've got some really nice colourful glossy paints that chip and scratch and fade with damage.

We've completely remastered our chain too, making some proper authentic looking riveted chain out of 15 thousand high poly rings using our tools, which we've been improving along the way. Once again the results are clearly in a different league to what we currently have in game:


We started updating our terrain assets too, as we'll be increasing terrain resolution (also procedurally textured) and adding displacement mapping to it. We're remastering the most crucial and difficult core assets like rocks, most more recent assets were done with our tools anyway and will be easy to update.

Have a great week!
-the BM team


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