Coffee Diary 21/2/22


Hey Exanimates,

Madoc's been wrapping up Steam Deck and controller support. Mostly this was making all UIs easy to use with a controller, which with the number of complex and totally different UIs the game has, turned out to be quite a lot of work. It certainly makes the whole controller experience a lot smoother and more comfortable though.

Something we did this week is develop a new tone mapper. Tone mapping is what takes the pure mathematical colour output of a renderer and remaps those colours on to your monitor in a way that usually tries to mimick how that image would look on film or to your eyes. How this is done exactly can drastically change the look and mood of an image. We had a couple of reasons to do this, we wanted to improve and potentially control how things look across very different environments and we wanted to add a user brightness / gamma control that won't quite completely ruin the game's graphics. This will be included in an overhauled options screen.

The team is busy making content, there's some nice additions coming to arena soon, new armour sets, new weapons, new arenas, and of course a big story update in the works that includes not only a large new area to explore but various other additions and updates to existing content.

Have a great week!
-the BM team


I'm really looking forward to the release of the story update! :D
My biggest hope is a new NPC, it was a lot of fun to walk with villager through the dungeons and have dialogues with him...


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