Coffee Diary 21/3/22


Hey Exanimates,

We've finalised our new weapons format which includes lots of changes for weapon mechanics and procedural weapons. The most fundamental change is how weapon damage will be applied, this supports new and future mechanics like flips and grip changes and draw/hooking, but also just more accurate and realistic interactions for weapon impacts.

Here's a diagram of how the new system can split and identify which parts of a weapon do what. This should vary a lot from weapon to weapon, giving each one specific advantages and tradeoffs and producing more varied and realistic effects. We also want do some stuff with sound here.

There's been a lot of changes to how we edit the attributes of weapons, and more importantly how "factories" generate procedural weapons. Besides supporting these new features, we've also added more specific properties for various components so that they can all have some effect. Different langets, hafts, guards, thrusting points etc. can actually change the stats and behaviour of a weapon rather than being mostly cosmetic. All these changes combined means weapons will have a lot more significant differences beyond quality and overall size and proportions.

The changes to procedural weapons also include us being able to design very specific procedural weapons in detail and have fine control over what properties are randomised. This means we can use the system to create unique examples or groups of similar weapons when that makes sense. Other changes include new design parameters which we can use to coordinate the selection of more ornate designs against simple and functional ones as well as some randomised material choices. We plan to expand our weapon factories with some fancier designs leveraging these features.

We should start patching all the content and factories to this new format now, and then roll out a new version to patch saved games. After that we can easily introduce more and more of the changes this all supports over time.

Have a great week!
-the BM team


How is this so far ahead of its time?
Like holy shit Bare Mettle is just casually outperforming the entire game industry every week at this point
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