Coffee Diary 23/1/23


Hey Exanimates,

We've got a release build up and running, but we've been reluctant to pull the trigger as there's a few things we're still working on improving and we'd like to avoid being flooded with feedback about things we're already aware of. At this point we're going to write some release notes and probably update the test branch later today. Over the next few days we'll be patching in a few things that aren't quite where we'd want them to be yet. This is mostly AI behaviour and movement stuff which shouldn't be critical, but we do think needs some final touches.

The release notes will cover what's in the test build in detail and what kind of feedback we're looking for, so there isn't much more to say here. There will be an announcement on discord linking to them, which will include a password for the test branch. This is mostly so that people check out the release notes and don't inadvertently receive the update without knowing what it is. As with most first releases after a lot of back end changes it will probably have some issues, this is very much for early testing purposes and not a proper update.

Have a great week!
-the BM team


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