Coffee Diary 23/12/19


Hey Exanimates,

Here are the notes on today's meeting:

-Further restructuring work has been made on the thaumaturgy framework, with an emphasis on UI and player feedback improvements.

-We discussed how to provide unobtrustive, cohesive in-game descriptions for powers, and how they're used.

-Talked about making a system for dynamically playing mood & atmosphere music outside of combat.

-Zeth has begun work on more 'organic' environment props.

We're still finalizing and adding some additional props for one of the new levels, as well as tying up some loose ends with thaumaturgy for the insider build.

We will also have various other engagements over the holidays; some of the team are going to be moving houses (so we can work more closely together). Brendan is rejoining the team full time, with an emphasis on getting multiplayer rolling.

Have a great week!
-the BM team


Looking forward to thaumaturgy and multiplayer, both sound like a lot of fun! :D Thank you guys for making this amazing game <3


Multiplayer would be so cool! This game is based on skills so I can see how addictive it can get competing with others in the arena. And if multiplayer is available for the story mode... oh boy! You can imagine so many funny situations with your party of friends :D


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