Coffee Diary 23/8/21


Hey Exanimates,

We have the new match system ready for another beta update, which includes several new match types. There's 13 base match types now, and a few more for when we drop the main update with tournaments. That's quite a few, and there have been various changes to mechanics and what kind of match setups are allowed, so we redesigned the whole system into a more flexible framework. We've had a lot of fun testing the new matches and we really see some potential here with some further additions to the arena mode down the line.

At this point we'll be buckling down to introduce the new arena content and tournament system for the main update. Although these are the main things missing now, we are also looking at getting at least a first basic version of our AI tactics system up and running, we think making higher rank opponents more challenging will make the arena a lot more fun and add a lot of value to all the different match types.

The beta branch update is just about ready to go, we should be releasing it later today or tomorrow. There's quite a lot of new procedural weapons, mostly at the low end. We've also been catching up on some bug reports and as always we'd really appreciate your help in identifying any remaining issues.

Have a great week!
-the BM team


Really appreciate the work that is put into the game. Personally I would like more advancements in the dungeon/story mode but I respect the decisions that are made and I am just glad to see this game coming together piece by piece.


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