Coffee Diary 28/2/22


Hey Exanimates,

We finally finished adapting Exanima for the Steam Deck. We definitely spent a bit longer on this than we thought we would, but as you know when we do something we like to do it properly. We really think the Steam Deck could be an important development of PC gaming, and for Linux too. Making the game's complex UIs and systems work well in this format without dumbing anything down was an interesting challenge, and we felt we had to prove something here. This is also a good opportunity to flex just how incredibly well optimised Exanima is.

We already had a pretty good controller setup for gameplay at this point, though there's potentially improvements we can make down the line. Since then we've put some serious work into user interface. If you're not a developer this might seem quite simple, but rich and complete UI systems become incredibly complex mechanically. Every UI can now be navigated and used with the controller and this complements and synergises with cursor interaction instead of conflicting with it.

The latest version which includes full Steam Deck and controller support should go live today, and now we can fully focus on other things again. We've laid down the groundwork for a whole lot of changes to weapons, we want to migrate everyone's saves to this new "weapons platform" as soon as possible, then we can incrementally introduce and test changes and new features. Flipping (some) weapons and support for us to do more with and expand procedural weapons will be the first, but there's a lot of mechanical and other changes that we're eager to play around with.

Have a great week!
-the BM team


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