Coffee Diary 30/11/20


Hey Exanimates,

Nothing really new this week as we've just been wrapping everything up for a release. We got just about all the new environment assets game ready, and updated terrain assets to match them too.

Mostly it has been the new itemisation systems holding us back as it's gotten very complicated and we want to be thorough and make sure we get it right. There's a lot of potential to be taken advantage of here for gameplay, replayability, customisation and importantly world and character design. We also absolutely want this to be future proof, so that as we add new materials, traits, item types and improve things, all existing content (and saved games) will still work and take advantage of new features. This is also something that we want extend to more item and object types, we want a solid shared system for everything.

In typical Bare Mettle fashion, these features might seem a bit on the overkill side things, but this is exactly the sort of thing that we think is really important to making the game feel unique and interesting, and will massively pay off for the initial time investment. We are strong believers that it's the details that matter most.

We know you're all anxious to get your hands on some kind of update, and we're super close so we'll just get back to work now.

Have a great week!
-the BM team
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Been spectating for 5 years now and I still always look forward to see what new updates for Exanima this studio will brings us.
Awesome work and incredible game! Keep it Up!


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