Coffee Diary 4/10/21


Hey Exanimates,

Since the last major update there have been some big shifts in priorities with major unplanned development goals, some of this was due to unforeseeable technical issues, and some of it is just us being us and putting some extra effort in. Sometimes if you're going to do something at all, there's a right time to do it. Right now we're working on finishing the tournament system and finalising assets. These are the final major additions that we feel are necessary to wrap up this update. But there's always more and when things move up others move down.

There's a lot of potential to expand and improve the arena mode further. Not all our ideas will make the cut, and a lot depends on how things fit into the bigger picture. This is a major step for arena in terms of content and features; it also involves a save wipe that we'd like to avoid repeating again. Making decisions about core mechanics or features that shape the experience is important when releasing a major update. Right now we're trying to decide what additional features should definitely be developed and when.

This includes things like a balanced economy, dyes, trade system, reward and progression systems, companies and persistent NPCs and various others. If we dilute feature additions they might lose their value. We want to prioritise these features carefully and introduce them in an order or grouping that counts. We don't want to delay the update longer than necessary, so we're looking for a middle ground between now, small incremental updates and possible larger future updates.

We've also made some interesting developments with the tournament system. We weren't too happy with the reward system, it seemed too random and restrictive. What we've decided to do is basically double up on rewards, with smaller prizes being given for individual tournaments, and full matched sets of tournament armour given as a prize for winning a whole "season", which is 4 tournaments.

Have a great week!
-the BM team


Congratulations on all the work done so far!
thank you for giving us such an experience with Exanima, the new graphics are really great.

I would like to give my opinion without judgment and being objective, I find the novelties really useful and pleasant, only one thing that I find slightly out of the lot:

The new menu interface ect I find it too light compared to the graphics of the game.

I find that we lose the soul and the character of the game is in my opinion too light and cheap.

I hope you will take my advice with kindness, I really like this game and I am carefully following its evolution.


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