Coffee Diary 6/3/23


Hey Exanimates,

We've switched over to the new terrain brush system and made a few other nice tool additions such as the ability to paint over and replace or remove specific materials and globally manage, replace and remove individual brushes and materials on the terrain which makes experimenting with different brushes and palettes much easier. It's all working well and we're already seeing some interesting results and possibilities.

We finally developed our procedural copper alloy (brass, bronze etc.) material. Madoc had attempted this before, but it proved particularly difficult and wasn't getting satisfactory results so it was postponed. We are now replacing many story items with updated procedural versions which are brass like or have brass elements, so it became urgent. It turned out really great and we're eager to do all sorts of things with it besides these updated items. This is the last procedural material type we still had to tackle so we can consider the whole system complete.

Madoc is now back on completing the updated thaumaturgy system and force powers. We might update the test branch again soon, but this is just for some general fixes, tweaks and making sure everything works well with the new back-end changes rather than add new gameplay features.

Have a great week!
-the BM team


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