Coffee Diary 6/4/20


Hey Exanimates,

Today's meeting was mostly about discussing the planned changes for arena in the next update. We've got lots of ideas, and versions of those ideas, so we're trying to home in on what are the best changes we can make without getting carried away into overly complex things.

We're not sure which features will make the cut yet, so we won't be giving away much just yet.

Also in the coming update are procedural weapons, and work on those has already started.

Some other things that will be worked on as a matter of priority are a pathfinding overhaul and some new combat AI systems that will make AI less predictable and varied from character to character.

Have a great week!
-the BM team



In regards to the arena, I was wondering if the BM team had considered the possibility of giving the player some degree of choice under which conditions they fight?

What I mean by this, is having the option to only fight in maps with daylight, or maybe rain as an example.

An issue I've had that led to this question is having to fight in maps where visibility is limited, so I often just find myself forfeiting instead of trying to watch the enemies more closely in the dark anymore. It's harder to keep track of their movement, and impacts one's ability to gauge weapon range. It's a nice way to add a bit of difficulty to a fight if you want it.

I can appreciate the difficulty of the game in it's many aspects, still I have to ask if this is the intended experience or whether the BM team has considered allowing players to choose their conditions.

Love the game, there's nothing else out there like it.


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