Coffee Diary 6/6/22


Hey Exanimates,

This week we've mostly been busy finalising some assets for this intermediate arena update. There's 2 new arenas and one of the old favourites is getting a face lift, there's 2 new armour sets and a new procedural weapon.

We made some improvements to our tools and developed some nice new materials, which for us is quite a big deal as we have a strong procedural workflow based on our own tools where once developed a core material type can have many variants and be used in many contexts.

We have also been making a few more improvements to weapon mechanics and catching up on some bug reports. The mechanics for weapons sticking into things and binding on hits have been reworked, it's a lot more consistent now and not prone to some odd behaviours that could result from the old system.

Although we don't plan to introduce it just yet, we have been making some progress on the dye system and contained liquids, which have other applications such as alchemy, but not only. We do have basically everything we need now to make dyes functional, but an important step that we don't want to rush is defining exactly what all the dyes, lacquers, paints etc. are, how they can be used, where and when they would be applied, how rare and expensive they are and so on. While we want to keep the dye system very simple to use, without getting bogged down into the impossible complexity and tedium of actually realistic dyeing, we still want the dyes themselves to have a degree of depth and realism.

The new assets are basically done and we expect to have everything ready within a few days. After that we'll be focusing on the major changes for story. There's quite a lot in the works for story beyond force and a new area, but we're not sure yet in what order these will come.

Have a great week!
-the BM team


Love your work, guys. You don't rush out unfinished stuff. It's always a pleasure to experience


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