Coffee Diary 6/7/20


Hey Exanimates,

This week we've been porting our procedural material system to the new renderer, updating the systems and tools behind it as well our regular non procedural texturing tools. We're redeveloping our character texturing on the new systems. With all this back-end stuff updated now we've got an amazing workflow where we can work on the assets, the procedural systems and the renderer all at once with real-time results. We already have metals working well, so we've been doing other materials like skin and cloth which have their own challenges. The results so far look great, a huge improvement over what we currently have in game.

Updating character materials is something we thought we would do at a later date, but as we ended up completely overhauling the renderer to deal with various issues, it's just easier to update this stuff now than maintain the old. There's also a number of graphical updates for early story content that were not supposed to show up until the following (more story focused) update, but they're close to completion now so they'll be coming in this one too.

Everything else proceeds as normal, there's a bunch of arena and story content being developed in parallel, Zeth is working on the 3rd tournament armour and Bethain is making some new and updated music.

Have a great week!
-the BM team


Hello, just bought this game, freakin loving it. 2 questions, 1 - is there a way to donate to the development of this game? The 15 bucks on steam store was a great price, but I"d like to go ahead and throw another 35 at it because I've got more hours of enjoyment and play out of this already then some AAA titles (and I"m only on the 3rd level lol!) Also, I see some of those greyed out skills and was wondering are those 2 hand skills and when would they possible be implemented? Thanks for your hard work!


You can donate by buying more copies here on the store. Contrary to Steam, the devs will receive the entire amount of your purchase here and you'll get a free Steam key which you can give away.
Just my guess, but it's possible some skills will be added with the coming update, which will add various new combat mechanics, among other things.


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