Coffee Diary 9/1/23


Hey Exanimates,

We've got everything up and running again and we're back to testing and adjusting things affected by AI and pathfinding changes, which can both be a bit unpredictable and difficult to test. We're only really looking for obvious problems right now, an early test version would get us your feedback and a better opportunity to notice things that may not be quite working as we intended. We're also making some updates to our content development pipeline with the new pathfinding and going through our backlog of issues both on the development side and player bug reports. From our testing so far the basic pathing data and player movement seem to work really well, which is great as it's now fully automatic and we don't really have explicit control over it anymore. One notable issue we finally managed to solve is a problem with leg physics which caused jittery and unstable movements, loss of balance and in extreme cases, since the last update, a leg to become permanently "broken".

Not much else to say at this time, we should be able to get started on some public test builds soon, but we can't be sure just yet that there isn't something time consuming that we think needs to be improved first. Once a test build is out we plan to update it with further improvements and some new features like basic environmental / fall damage to characters.

Have a great week!
-the BM team


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