Coffee Diary 9/3/20


Hey Exanimates,

It's been a busy week with lots of progress made. Major bugs have been fixed, important systems were completed and tuned, we're now at 14 of 15 of the major planned mind powers done, and there's just a handful of assets to complete for the new content.

Here's some of what we discussed in today's meeting:

-Many bugs have been fixed, including some big ones that persisted from previous versions. Quite a few relatively minor things too, that just add polish to the game in general.

-Improvements to AI behaviour have been made, in particular how they respond to tension, fear and courage. We can model more realistic behaviour and it simplifies interaction issues with thaumaturgy.

-Thaumaturgy is basically ready now. We've tackled many issues reported by our beta testers (thanks guys!), general mechanics, targeting, persistence, progression and all that stuff is good and sorted. We can and will always add a bit of depth and polish over time.

-We've completely rebalanced the experience system so that skills are learned faster and at a much more steady pace. There's a lot of new skills in this update and more on the way, and we have a good idea of how much you should learn once the game is complete.

We talked about a lot of stuff besides, as we're mostly just wrapping things up for this update. There's a lot of things big and small for future releases that we've already begun work on.

Have a great week!
-the BM team


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