Coffee Diary 9/8/21


Hey Exanimates,

This week we did another patch and some hotfixes on the beta branch. There have been some improvements to the new item management system based on feedback and some improvements to attack motions. Notably we applied a similar approach to what we used to correct edge alignment to also keep overheads on target, these are now more accurate and will follow the cursor as you swing. More of the user interface was updated to the new style too.

We've been doing more work on the new user interface since, adding more functionality and elements like scrollbars, we can now also update the character creation and continue screens which is all that remains.

We are working on some of the lower rank procedural weapons now, some of which presented us with some new requirements for the system with interesting applications. We've done quarterstaffs and we're moving on to various hafted weapons and simple polearms.

The focus right now is on updating the match system. There's a few new match types, and we've split them into standard, specials and tournament. Standard matches can be configured and played at any time, specials refresh daily like in the old system and tournaments are multiple match events that appear once a week. You will have more choices and freedom to play the matches you want.

We are also reviewing weapon ranks, general balance and progression and updating how NPC equipment is selected. When we developed the new procedural itemisation system we included various features to generate outfits and assign items in a more coordinated and intelligent way, so now we're wanting to take advantage of that, but also touch on various other parts of how characters select and use items with other applications.

Have a great week!
-the BM team
I'm so excited to see the finishing touches on the Arena revamp. I recently started playing more Exanima and I actaully got a character to Master rank this time (previously I only ever reached around Adept, since I was leveling a bunch of recruitlings at once, rather than focusing on just one like I did this time) and I'm excited to do it all again once there are new matches and such.

I am also excited for updates on multiplayer, I know its not at the forefront of your guys development right now but as soon as it releases I'll be playing this with two of my friends who are holding out until its got multiplayer and I can't wait to share the wonders of this game with them.

I appreciate all the work you guys do! Keep it up, you are building something beautiful!


I've got a few questions about already implemented and future updates. So, is it actually possible to wield larger weapons with one hand now? I'm asking this because for some reason my character tends to do it without any notice, even when it comes to Great Swords and even Pole weapons.

As for the future updates, do you plan on turning level 6 weapons into procedural ones?
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