Coffee Diary - Monthly Special 01/04/21


Project Lead
As part of our development updates for the beginning of each week, we've decided to start a series of posts at the beginning of each month which talk about slightly longer term features that we're working on.

This month we're going to talk a little about monster abilities. We've mentioned various special abilities for different creatures to better differentiate them and enrich gameplay. Faels will charge you with their horns, "gobblers" will vomit nasty things at you etc. But what about Sir? We've heard your feedback about Sir not being enough of a challenge, so we have some big plans for him.

Sir will be receiving new stealth abilities. He will move silently and be invisible, then suddenly appear and roar as he strikes, enhancing the feeling of tension that this encounter is supposed to evoke.

We've been working on the visual effects for this, and we have little preview of them here. This is what you will see in the moment Sir begins to become visible and strikes:

We're also working on mind effects for players, which this ties nicely into for the purposes of fear. Sir's surprise attacks will instil terror in characters, causing them to lose all focus and drop any continuous bindings. This is just one of the planned effects for fear, there will be others!

Have a great month,
Bare Mettle


I really hope this isn't an april 1st prank, I would love to see sir get scarier, he is very easy to dodge and even easier to dispatch of with the trap


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