Command Dead Bug?


Well, I've used command dead a bit and made 3 minions from skeletons lying around. When I fought Sir he incapacitated my character several times and each time I noticed that my mana/focus pool didn't restore to full but instead kept being reserved even though all my minions would obviously die when my char passed out. I've repeated this fight several times and raised the dead each time and now my focus/mana pool is always 90% reserved even when I don't cast anything.

So it looks like when you have 2 or more minions commanded your focus/mana pool does not un-reserve when you die/pass out.
The same also happens when using Loyalty, the continuous binding stays whenever you get incapacitated and your followers die. Had two blademasters shit their pants when they saw the Fael and proceed to jump off a cliff and took it with them, first time I noticed it lmao.


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