Concerning the character design reward;

Heya! Let me start by saying, super neat looking game you have getting going here. I plan on backing your KS, and it would be the first I have. I'll certainly be going for at least the first tier, but the idea of creating a character was really interesting to me. So I just had a few basic questions;

Is it limited to the races/species that you have planned for the game? And are there options for how they might behave?

To give an idea as to why I ask, a thought I was picturing was a tall (giant like, around 12'), built woman. Not like crazy muscular, but the idea was that she was essentially a brute for hire, with a big warhammer. Neutral, but quick to pound the heck out of annoyances, and possibly a paid ally of sorts. She'd have some unique features other then her size, namely smallish horns, ears and a tail like a cow's.

I understand if this is out of bounds for either the editing tools or the game's themes, and just kinda wanted to see how open the reward was to something like that. Just some general clarification would be super neat if you get the time. Thanks a bunch, and good luck on the KS in general!


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