D&D - Scandinavian Help Wanted!

Cooper Holt

Anyone living in Scandinavian countries, please help - what does it sound like at night in the forest where you are?

Birds? Insects? Something else?

The reason why I need this information is because my campaign is set in a low-fantasy Scandinavian environment with German culture. Any help would be appreciated.



well, in the forest i grew up in there are most crows, magpies (and another bird thats small and black making the same noise as crows, dont remember the name) and small birds (different kinds of sparrows and bullfinch) making noises, in some cases owls and cuckoos are heard as well. in some rare cases there might be a fox screaming
which can scare people with too much imagination, in even fewer cases there are some wolves passing by, but i only heard a wolf howl once in my life there, wolfs are much more common in forests of sweden and finland i think.
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I wish I knew about Scandanavian forests but I don't :p
However I spent a lot of time in Alabama and Georgia forests as a kid and teenager.
But most of what I remember was near a creek so there was running water when you got near small, rapid areas. Wind, the trees rustling and that jazz could be very atmospheric. You should get some potted plants for immersion.


Definitively crickets, some random bird chirping, the occasional owl being annoying etc. Might hear a moose (Which can be a disturbing sound at night. Moose can be very dangerous if it feels you are threatening its children, or during mating season). There are very few wolves left in Norway, so I have never heard one, but there are more in Sweden and Finland like Parco said. I imagine wolves were a lot more common back in the days though.

Environmental sounds, like wind and rustling trees. Maybe you are camping out near a a river and you hear the water running, or the occasional "blup" sound from a nearby lake.

To sum it up, nothing particularly out of the ordinary to be honest. Not like I sleep out in the forest every other day or anything, but done it enough to know what it sounds like first hand.


You don't usually hear very much tbh. The wind and maybe crickets and a few birds. The forests aren't really packed with animals. Sparrows I hear pretty damn frequently around my house. Although I don't live in the forest but they're everywhere anyway.

This clip should give you a good impression of what it sounds like... It's not very exciting stuff.


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