Death animations / Pain animations

Improved hit reactions and death animations
First of all, thank BM for this game and all your efforts.

I wanted to give feedback on the animations / reactions with the update 7.0.X. Maybe some of you have already thought that some death animations are not logical or accurate. (Some not all)
Some enemies just stop moving an drop like a sack of potatoes regardless of the cause of death, specially if the "deadly" damage was a grazing blow.

I could go and post many videos or gif about specific encounters and death situations where we could see the above. However it is not my feeling to give feedback on the outcomes of the system that MADOC has created, I wanted to give feedback on how it can be improved.

:confused:Current system
The combat animation is good, it has been tweaked and modified countless times, I believe Bare Mettle do not want to spend much time in combat animation anymore, since it is an endless endeavour.

The death animation on the other hand can still be improved.

Current animation:
Blood splatter on the limb/part hit (not covered in plate)
Stagger animation on hit
Physic animation on weight ( you can see this clearly using the Sledgehammer)
Depending on the situation, the hit can cause falling.

However, most of the reactions are from Body physics and none from pain or disability.

The death of a character is instantaneous. From a fully functional body to a inert mass of meat.
There is no drama or attempt to cover wounds, no panic or fear.

:)Proposed system

<< Pain Animations >>
This animation can give more immersion and realism to the combat system and possibly the AI system as well.
The animations that can be used to give the impression that the enemy or the player has been heavily injured or disabled.

A Pain animation and a subsequent Painful movement can give cues of what part of the body was hit and can give a new gameplay option to focus that part in specific to inflict more damage.

Modifiers like Limp, Hobble, struggle can be applied to the actual animations to provide a sense of Pain and disability.

<< Death animation >>
The modifiers like limp, Hobble and struggle can be applied strongly to create a dying animation, such as crawling and writhe.



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