Design your own level reward.


Hello! Currently I am the sole (three of us now) backer for the reward which allows one to get the opportunity to use the editor and design your own 60x60 area to be featured in the game. I am currently a level designer for a Neverwinter Nights 2 persistent world which has a very extensive and thorough editor with quite a lot of freedom for an artist to create a variety of interesting and high quality worlds.

I am curious as to the limitations that will be put in to the editor given out to those who've made this particular pledge. Will it be an extremely watered down version of the full editor with very basic tools given to the backer, or will a little more freedom be given in terms of what we would be able to create?

I understand of course some consistency with the surrounding world is a must, therefore perhaps ground textures would need to be limited to a select few to match the surrounding land and perhaps environmental type assets such as rocks and trees etc. as well. But, aside from that, you say "some" 3d assets will be made available. Can you give an idea as to what you mean by some?

Again, I understand you do not want some wild overly imaginative monstrosity put into your game, but at the same time I wish to not be overly disappointed as to what I am able to create. I also am under the assumption the area approval would be subject to your review and scrutiny which of course is a given.

For example, a few specific questions: Will waterfalls, high elevations and canyons be possible with the terrain? Would I be able to create a small village or minor settlement, even farmland with several family dwellings? Are trees able to be planted at my whim in specific locals, scaled and rotated to my liking, or are they auto generated in the editor? Will we be able to do anything from rural, to rocky plains, to desnse jungles, or will we be limited to only one specific area type? Will an underground area be at all possible as a choice, if so is this done via 3d tile building blocks or other means?

Some clarity as to what I would get with this pledge would be most welcome. Thanks and I really wish this project well, it has gotten me quite excited and very impressed with what I have seen so far. If you wish to see examples of my work I can provide that as well if it would contribute any to the freedom allotted.

Thanks and good luck with the kickstart!

PS. If you are looking for anyone experienced with gaming toolsets for area design and a strong ability to capture what is natural, beautiful and believable (even for a fantasy setting), I am available to donate my time and contribute in anyway that may help further this project to it's completion.


Well the pleasure is mine for a chance to be able to work with this game and actually create something that will contribute to the final product. I just hope we are given some leeway to our creative minds, seeing as what we create is subject for review anyway. I have a feeling I could make them quite pleasantly surprised. :)


Project Lead
Hi Sneil,

Good thing you bumped this because we totally missed it.

By some assets we mean some buildings, miscellaneous props, vegetation etc. Vegetation can be placed automatically but also by hand. You could make a small town (it would have to fit in a 60x60 m area) but buildings would realistically need to be of the detached kind. For reference the small town we show in video all fits in a 60x60 m area. I've attached an image to give you a sense of the scale.

We will feature a few different environments but they won't be dramatically different like jungles. The game takes place in a relatively limited landmass so major climate changes won't be featured. The new video should feature a wasteland type setting. This specific reward is for an area on the surface, not under ground.

As an iso game elevation differences are relatively small, clipping can become a serious issue and with our perspective view you can see very far from high elevations. Waterfalls could be tricky but we'll work with you to help you make what you want. With canyons you have to consider that unlike many other iso games you would be able to fall in them...

It will be up to you make something sufficiently consistent with the style of the game so that we don't feel forced to make significant changes. Again we'll be helping you and giving you feedback as needed.



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