Does the arena boss bleed?

Don Kanaille

Well, the title.

I played through arena again today and noticed that I cannot recall ever being able to draw blood form the expert arena boss. Even if I get some solid hits in - which is rare enough - I only ever got a metal clunk, never the satisfying *splortsh!* of flesh wound. Even the pen-ultimate fighter in the best loot-able armor - the halberd lady - can be hurt if you hit her right with the right weapon, like the polehammer. But little Sauron seems to be pretty unfazed by solid hits; and he can take a lot of punishment (and got a lot more competent in recent updates - in beta he was merely a bonus after the truly hardest enemy, halberd heroine).

Maybe this only means that the armor he (she?) wears is just that good. It could also be a very subtle hint that underneath all that metal is something not entirely human.

Speaking of that, I´m not even sure if the expert boss even grunts when hit. Anyway, was anyone of you ever be able to wound that son of a gun?


i have been able to make him bleed before, but not often at all, his armor does cover well. happened less now as he have gotten more armor under that fancy full plate of his.
its a he btw, ive seen him without his armor.
Well, If you can jam your sword under his helmet, hit behind his legs or hit him where I'd rather not say, you can make him bleed. And smacking armor just does impact damage which can heal, and getting blood spurts is doing permanent damage. Or so It seems


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