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Warning: Most likely a wall of text below. Also possible spoilers.

Been cutting my way through levels 1-3 over last few days (0.6) and a few things caught my attention over time.


So from what I know every character has it; it depends mainly on his physique and affects (among other things):
- swing speed
- ability to knock down enemies when you bump into them
- damage
- health
- ability to resist knockdown
- how badly you're pulled by the wight of the weapon if you miss a swing

Now (I assume, correct me on this if I'm wrong) armor weight is invovled in all of those. (except health , and maybe damage, then if you put your weight into the blow, armored character should hit harder, provided he gained enough speed)
So an armored guy:
- moves/swings/turns around slower
- Is harder to knock down, as he weights more
- obviously has better odds of knocking someone else down if he bumps into them
- suffers less from missed swings with heavy weapons, since they have to pull more weight
- hits harder if les say he steps in the direction of the swing (horizontal mainly)

I think it should work like this.

2. ARMOR continued

-I heard they plan on adding interrupt treshold (amount of damage needed to interrupt enemy attack)
Which I think is good, because a glancing blow on a brestplate performed with a machete or a sword
should not distract you too much unless it hits some gap in armor and actually harms you.


Haven't tested it, but punching people in plate gauntlets should definitely deal quite a bit more damage than bere firsts. Also you should have a chance to block weaker blows with metal gauntlets/bracers - a rusty sword should not cut into your hand through a layer of steel.
Blocking with bare hands should hurt less than not blocking at all also. Hand injury is usually less lethal than torso/head injury. It would be that much more important if there was some disarm mechanic.

- ARMOR vs size matters

I think armor pieces on bigger characters should weight more. It's a minor thing but it makes sense.
Imagine making a breast plate for 2 people:
-one is 5ft tall, skinny built
-the other is 7 ft tall, beefy and with a big belly on top of that.

The shear amount of metal needed to cover the second body would be MUCH bigger.
And it should all affect combat. Not the difference in slow-down armor effect should bot be too big however (depending on build). The bigger character would handle his armor relatively as well as the smaller one would handle armor fitted for him.

The way we have it now, bigger characters are slower, hit harder and have more health.
Shorter characters have better balance and are harder to hit (shield/weapons have static size (?), so the smaller you are, the more benefits a shield gives- imagine a dwarf with a tower shield :D), thinner characters are more nimble.
And it all makes sense.
There is more to it however.
Shorter/thin characters should swing/move faster than big beefy ones, but only when they're using light weapons and armor. The more weight comes into play, the better for big/ strong characters.
Lets have an example:

-we have one character short, skinny (with qnough muscles to move his body efficiently) wiedlind a dagger and a only clothes
-and a big, muscular character with the same equipment.
Obviously the smaller one will be faster.

they still wear clothes but now they both swing sledgehammers

Who will swing faster now?
Probably the big guy.

daggers and full plate armor

The skinny guy could (possibly ) swing a little bit faster (not sure) but he will suffer MUCH more from the armor in terms of movement, rotation and general mobility.

Full plate and sledges.

Now the small guy is fucked.

As for the fat characters, they can either end their relationship with McGeneris or stick to ranged combat. Fat does not help too much in combat either way.

4. BALANCE in general (as an ability to stay on your feet)

Everyone who has trained something knows that their sense of balances improves quite alot compared to the time they did not train. And in martial arts/fencing/ combat in general it plays a crucial role.

And the toons in Exanima seem to slack off a little. Surely it makes sence to trip over a log if youre walking backwards and fighting something, but running straight forward, in the moderately lit area and tripping over a dead body (having a bit of fighting experience) every now and then makes not much sense.

So I suggest another skill, that improves your ability to stay on your feet, and make you stumble around increasingly less (especially for taller characters, as they tend to love bouncing all over the place)

And speaking of obstacles- I'm sure there were reasons not to implement jumping - like being a bitch to pull of with these controls- (what other reasons btw?), but an ability to step over a body or two (or some small crate ) in a swift manner seems only natural.

5. COMBAT MOVEMENT (and all kind of crazy moves)

Im sure it has been mentioned before, but movement in combat feels a bit like runescape (ha!)
If you want to move it's at least one tile in whatever direction. Now the general Idea of combat movement is pretty much correct (since thats how you move in those situations pretty much) but ability to make smaller steps/lunge forward and some way to make it more precise would be great.

Another thing - running attacks- it should not be too difficult to swing your sword or (even better) poke something with it even if you're happily jogging behind that cowardly "zombie".
I know the move-fight transition time was adressed and thats good, but not enough. Attacks while running would add even more life to combat. For example

- you knock enemy against a wall with your thraumaturgy (might have spelled it wrong) and run into him with your spear. Pretty neat isn't it?

-SHIELD CHARGE- if you run incombat, ability to cover your upper body with the shield (before contact) and ram into enemy probably knocking him down (would be neat against archers with bigger shields).


- thrust (I know it's coming (right?)) but still
- kick -mentioned, but quite a nice addiction imo
- shied bash (also mentioned somewhere)
- pommel strike (as above)
- hitting with the the other end of you polearm (don't remember the name for it)

7. MISC combat features:

- run speed tied to lethal damage taken (not too much, just enough to make a difference)
- cutting things into pieces
a) OBJECTS - wooden doors, crates, chests (if locked) and all kinds of surroundings (trolls should be more than capable of breaking the door
b) people - head/ limbs/ cutting people in half, smashing skulls and so on
as for balance -
first, it would require ALOT of force and a proper weapon
second, it would be that much more difficult against armored opponents
third, it could be limited to finishing blows (don't find it neccesary really)
- injuries/bleeding (while it might be hard to balance, I'm just throwing suggestions)
- armor skills - if a skill has 3 stages, it should NOT take up 3 of five skill slots. That's just uncalled for.
- throwing/grabing stuff - I mean who would not want to smack that "zombie" with a chair when best weapon you can find is a stick?

8. Locational damage tweaks

Imagine Timmy. Timmy block a huge horizontal greatsword swing... witch his face.
Now I'm not a doctor, but I don't like his chances. And yet we see it quite often in the arena.
I think damage multiplier to the head should be increased. And helmets defensive values could be buffed too, as to compensate when hitting armored warriors.
Cuz frankly, face is not the place when it comes blocking things.

9. Crafting, maps and such

I don't know, how advanced the crafting system is going to be.
Personally I'd love to smith a sword or a helm. To brew a couple potions, fletch some arrows, chop a tree maybe, scribe some spell and so on. Especially if you decide to be a somewhat sneaky/talky/smartass character rather than a straight up brute.
In a life-like world, with life-like dungeons, the life-like player can get lost quite often. (life like isn't it)
And I think most of the life-like inhabitants of such life-like world should be able to paint a crude (and not necessarily all that life-like) map. Given a piece of paper/parypus/hide, some ink and a quill that is.
If there was some skill of a sort, the map would look much better of course. But hey- if you were preparing for some form of expedition involving ruins and such, wouldn't you want to have a map? Maps of the world/cities should be buyable.

And speaking of life-like inhabitant's, they probably would not make best dungeon mule-meatshields. They would want to run when hit, take most of the loot or, hell, maybe even kill you and steal all the loot.
So I hope there will be some...


Yes, I know, your powers will let you use some of the undead. But it could go so much further. Bind a spirit, make a pact with a demon, tame some wild animal or become buddies with an ogre.

Or there could even be an option to make your own GOLEM.
Prepare the materials. Bind a spirit with your powers. Put in into the golem body with some nice ritual/ extract spirit essence into some energy core for a more reliable (if somewhat dumber) golem bro.

And there you have you own small mountain of iron/rocks ready to obey your every command, carry your shit and squeeze the (un)life from all rotting underwolrd dwellers. Life they were some sort of lemons. Undead lemons.

11. Your own piece of the world.

Buy your own property in a city. Or rent one. Or build one outside of said city. Or put some stuff in a cleared cave. Or save the city from some nasty shitstorm and persuade its citizens that you're the best lord that land could have. (as last one went bye bye -one way or another-)
Or hire a squad of mercenaries and just take that castle and become a renegade lord.With your castle. And thugs. And demons and golems and all that. Not like those vile peasant will stop any anyway.
Well maybe the king will bring and army to end your reign. Or maybe you would be a better king than he ever was?

How awesome that would be.

12. Of the life like world (with smart spawning system)

So you cleared that cave? Neat. It should stay that way unless something else wanders inside. Because, you know, things don't respawn just because.

Now if you kill the some wolves in the forest nearby, the might come some new ones. But if you slaughter a whole bunch of them, the chances of that go down.

Dead undead should stay dead unless someone rises them again. And if you kill that necromancer, they should stay down for good.

Caravans on the roads, soldier patrols, maybe some wandering adventurers, bandits, peasants picking fruits/shrooms around the city. It should all make sense.

13. Changable landscape.

Meaning trees that you can chop down, buildings that can be destroyed, villages that can be burnt down, cities that can be abandoned.

example 1

A village gets razed by raiding orcs (for whatever else). Nearly all villagers die, all houses burnt down.

After a few weeks lord from nearby city sends some guards along with supplies and new settlers, who start to rebuild the village, put some palisade maybe.

If situation repeats a couple more times, they no better than to try again, and it becomes deserted.

example 2

Some lich necromancer brings an army of undead to assault a city.
City gets reinforcements and fends of the attack.
City survives (for now at least)

example 3

Same situation, no reinforcements

city becomes overrun.

Survivors flee to nearby settlements, you can see refuges on the roads after.

You see where it's going. The player should be able to change the landscape if by some miracle he manages to get enough manpower/resources to do so.
Maybe even make his own farm /city if he has enough followers.

14. A dragon or a few.

So I don't know what BM's official standpoint on this, does it fit into the 'low fantasy concept'.
If it does not, well thats a shame but we can forget about it.

Anyway it would be nice to have a proper 4-legged bigass dragon in some remote place.
You could wander into its lair with intention to makes some fast $. If it worked out badly, you would most likely just piss it off and be forced to remove yourself from the vicinity ASAP. Alot of possibilities after that.

Well that would be about it for now.
Im fully aware how crazy some of these points are, or how much work would they take (making a good looking, flying dragon, when you have to consider physics for example).
But maybe some of them are possible. Maybe some of them are planned.
I've seen a few features already, that not many other games have. So why not?

-try to ignore the spelling errors, it's a long post-

And a couple questions
1) how big will the world be (km2)?
2) are mounts planned (mounted combat with physics *_*)?


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