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This is just a small update with a few additions, improvements and fixes. More coming soon.

Changelog for

  • Added expert tier Beast matches

  • New items added to arena mode

  • Added ceiling collisions throughout the game

  • Improved ogre animations

  • Fixed issues with certain late game encounters

  • Improvemenets and fixes to layered equipment (still in progress)

  • Numerous other fixes

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So curious to know what those items are...
Anyone got the- holy carp, the update was posted 15 minutes ago


Great stuff! It's nice to see the new two new helms from last time finally appearing in the stores.

When I fought an elimination match I seemed to be getting "dropped" into the arena at the start of each fight (my guy would seem to hit the ground from a height and fall over as the screen faded in). Not sure if has anything to do with the ceilings or not. Only happened with one character.

Also, are cuisses and greaves really supposed to be mutually exclusive?



I noticed a bug that i did not see before (last play before was with 6.3.7). It happened twice to 2 different characters were wielding 2 different 2-handed weapons (an iron staff and a bardiche) with completely different armor set (one with aspirant-level armor the other with an expert-level armor). My characters had arms on their back like if someone strong twisted them. They took several seconds before they were capable to set the correct position. I am sorry i can't say more, because i realized that only when i were not capable to swing.


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