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Project Lead
Been a super busy week and we wanted to get an updated beta out before it's over. We've finished updating the sewers for the new renderer and they are in again, some nice new features to make the new itemisation feel more complete and there's a whole lot of fixes and improvements.

Cumulative changelog for

• Fully remastered sewers are now accessible in the beta

• Introduced an important new consumable item

• Increased the effects of quality, condition and most traits

• Improved numerous assets

• Various adjustments to lighting

• Fixed missing sockets on some special items

• Fixed some character texture errors

• Fixed a common cause of errors

• Improved some collision mechanics for humans

• Fixed game not defaulting to Nvidia GPUs over integrated

• Fixed blood effects on characters and items not rendering correctly

• Fixed errors when exiting a match or game with the inventory open

• Fixed an old compatibility option breaking rendering

• Adjusted characters masses after a failed attempt in initial release

• Many content and other fixes


Throughout the game, including various locations that may have previously not really been worth searching, you may now find a new consumable item that will improve the condition of armour. When procedural weapons are introduced, this will apply to those too.

In the new procedural system items have quality, condition and traits. Most items found in Exanima's depths are not well preserved. The idea is that even a badly rusted item may have a valuable combination of quality and traits. You should look out for these items, and choose which to invest in rather than simply equip the overall best you find. Larger items that are in poor condition may require multiple consumables to restore, so condition is still a factor to consider for the investment required.

We have also adjusted quality, condition and traits to have a more significant effect on item stats. These mechanics will be expanded on and tweaked over time, so as always give us your feedback.


Bare Mettle


Sounds great, the procedural system seems like a really cool idea, I can't wait to see the end result. As a suggestion to balancing the statistics of each weapon when they are degraded, I would think poor condition wouldn't really affect blunt or heavy weapons all that much, but would drastically reduce the effectiveness of slashing and thrust weapons.



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