Exanima Controller Support

Hi, I recently bought Exanima and I'm trying play with a controller because I have muscles weakness that makes a mouse and keyboard difficult.

The issue is that I want to move with the right stick with a third party program, but it's bound to the left stick.

Is there a plan for full controller support? If not, could you add a toggle to disable controller movement?



To my knowledge there is no plan for full controller support. Prototyping was done, which is why the left stick automatically maps, but the game really requires the use of a mouse or some other precision pointing device.

That said, using a mouse and controller is a favored combination for those who have tried it, I don't know your situation but if it is feasible, I would recommend it.

Unfortunantly for now you must mix the inputs in a differeing 3rd party program, but I will mention the controller movement toggle to the Devs.


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