Exanima Full Controller Support...


I'm using a controller for certain games myself, but why in the Underworld would you need or want that in this one? How are you going to move the cursor to the tiny door and open it while zoomed out and fleeing from something that seriously wants to hurt you? How are you going to grab a thin sword from the ground before you get killed? Heck, how are you even going to pick up keys? You won't even see them when playing on a TV, if that's what you wanted to do.

Why should a controller be more newbie friendly? What's difficult in using a mouse? I think newbies would be more likely to get frustrated just because they're using a controller. Then they refund the game, complain on the forums that the game is unplayable and maybe miss out the game of their life. The game is already quite challenging for beginners, even with the intended input methods.

I'm puzzled why Madoc even considers to support this.

Also, no need to post this in every forum.
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