Exanima Logo?


Hi All,

Just bought Exanima after stumbling across it somewhere on YouTube... I had no idea this and Sui Genesis have been in development for so long. Talk about late to the party! :)

Really enjoying playing through Level 1 and getting used to the controls. However, one thing kinda bugs me and I wondered if I'm alone in this. The game looks beautiful as it is (lighting, textures etc.) - apart from the 'Exanima' logo on the Main Menu. It looks a bit basic. Does this bother anybody else at all? Does anyone know if there are any plans to improve it at some point?

It has bothered me enough to prompt me to draft up an alternative in Photoshop :) This is more what I would expect an RPG logo to look like... what do you think?



That looks pretty awesome! Exanima is still in development, so I could see them making UI Changes to the Main Menu. If not, the main menu logo has never bothered me and I feel as if it fits the game the way it is currently.


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