Favourite weapons for the BEAST



I wanted to get some opinions from people about what works best for you when facing down the Beast in the arena. I found in the current patch that I have a fairly specific list of what does well, and win significantly less often when I try anything outside of this. However the list has changed slightly in the latest area update:

Novice: Bardiche - Pure face-splitting power that can end the fight in moments if you time your chops correctly. As the beast here wears no armour but has a nasty club , I feel better off just finishing the fight as fast as possible. Honorable mention goes to 1H spear which is still OP.

Adept: Two handed sword - A good mix of hitting power and balance/speed to avoid the hammer. I find this tier of ogre the hardest honestly, and I am currently experimenting with different length 2H swords, even longswords.

Expert: Greatsword or Polehammer - Most of the expert weapons work well to be honest, but I find the flail ogre to be slow enough that going back to a faster weapon (the greatsword) can be even more effective than the big crush damage of the slower hammer. His armor seems weak to thrusts.

Master: Polehammer - Max crush to get through the thick armor, simple as.

Let me know what you think!


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