Feedback : 0.6.1


After playing the new arena for about 4 hours , I am pleased to say that all in all it's a pretty fun experience,but i do have some criticism:
1. The arena at the moment is too much of a grind, it takes >20 matches to get anything, i would suggest doubling or tripling the rewards all across the board .
2. It takes too much time to level, and that really reduces the variety of the matches, so you don't see normal weapons for a very long time.
3. There is no reason to play the ''challenger" matches, as far as I know, they are just a good way to die.
4. At lower level cutting weapons do too much damage, I do understand that that is how it's supposed to be, but getting 3-shot killed from full hp is NOT fun at all.
Still, great mode though, good job Bare Mettle :D


I think that the leveling and reward is pretty balanced, I even think that we level up too fast actually. Tho I have to agree that slashing weapons at the start is a mean joke
If you need "easy" cash...just do master level Pugilism.

Nothing much to lose either since fists don't do lethal damage.


Challenger matches are either
A. you taking a HUGE risk fighting a really high level opponent, or
B. you taking 0 risk fighting, say, an inept opponent with your highest level gear


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