Game account vs. forum account


These seem to be completely separated accounts.
First I had the forum account, with which I couldn't login to
Now after buying the game directly here on the website, I got a game account, with which I could log in at the URL above, but couldn't log in to the forums. The new account was created automatically with the email, which is registered with my paypal account (which is a different email than I used to register here at the forums).

Since I don't seem to be able to change my game account mail, I changed the forum account mail address to match the game account, because it is annoying to have two different logins at (more or less) the same website.

Can/should those two accounts be linked somehow? Any benefits?
Are they already, because I use the same email & password?
Any security concerns, that I should keep them separated?
It is a little bit confusing....


Oddly enough, your post made me think about possible forum hacks, and prompted me to change my Account password so it's different from my Forum one! Not that there's much sensitive information stored here, but still...


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