Game light render issues


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Eu acredito que este é um problema com alguns drivers gráficos Intel HD. Embora não atendam oficialmente aos nossos requisitos de sistema, os gráficos Intel HD em CPUs que não têm mais de 8 anos devem funcionar com os drivers corretos instalados.

Você deve encontrar drivers para gráficos Intel aqui:

I have an UHD 630 intel

I updated and outdated the drivers 3 times, I tried to change the intel settings, because the ram is not being detected in the game, it is saying that the memory is "unknown"
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I believe this is an issue with some Intel HD graphics drivers. Although they don't officially meet our system requirements, intel HD graphics on CPUs that aren't more than 8 years old should work with correct drivers installed.
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The 8100 is a recent CPU and the intel HD 630 should support everything needed to run the game properly, however intel drivers tend to be quite buggy and this is one of those bugs. There's probably a driver out there that works, but I wouldn't know which one as these bugs come and go.

We're just completing a big renderer overhaul that will be available as a public beta soon, I'm quite hopeful that the changes made to shadows will solve this particular issue at least.


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