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You can resurrect in Sui Generis, but this doesn't mean that you are undefeatable, right? That would go against one of BM's omnipotent axioms. Therefore, the main plot should eventually reach some kind of critical finality, yes? Perhaps that stage somehow disrupts your ability to resurrect or something. Discuss! Enlighten?


Would be interesting.. I remember that they said there'll be no respawning npcs, at least not really, but I'm not sure that I can see the game coming to an end just via progression of the story, since apparently the world constantly progresses whether you take part in its progression or not. Nevertheless, some things would have to be altered.


Even despite the resurrection thing dying would cause a lot of failures. If you are in the middle of something and you die ? Things will move on regardless, you will miss events, you will fail to reach whatever it is your are trying to reach or do.

You lose thaumaturgic power when you die. If you die often it will probably seriously impede your progress and you will be unable to reach your goals. Depending on what they are of course. On top of that likely losing your gear and resurrecting at a random location that may be unknown and/or dangerous.

Pretty sure if you don't take part in the large events happening, the "main story", things will probably take a turn for the worse. ;d Naturally we have no details what so ever yet ;d

Should be plenty of incentive to avoid death as best you can ;d(Unless it is a part of your plan of course ;d)
Pretty sure BM are not keen on "game over" screens and start from beginning but more so on a progressing world you can interact with and influence. Where when you return it is different. The resurrection thing plays right into that(could even be a similar mechanic in Exanima at later levels)
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I wonder how the world is going to change if you die in Sui Genereris.

Currently in Exanima, you die, it is game over if you have not reach the portal.

It would be a good gameplay feature if you can "re-born" in a persistent world, so that your "new" Character can recover some of your Old Equipment from anything that killed you, or anyNPC char that happened to loot your corpse. It would mean Game Over in a sense, but in a persistent world, you do not lose everything that have been crafted or looted.

For example,
if you die to a Big Bear, or some other Beast with a Den or Nest. The game could add some of your old equipment as a loot I that specific area.
if you die to bandits, these bandits could in the next "ressurected" game, wear some of your old equipment or had it sold to a black market broker.
If you die and your "Friendly" NPC sidekick remains alive, he/she could be wearing your stuff.
If you die in a dungeon by traps, your stuff could probably end up in the containers nearby, or used by the NPCs in the area.

Another interesting thought, if you resurrect, could be that the NPC or Monster that killed you, will remember you died by its hand? This may sound like the Nemesis System from Lord Of the Rings Game.


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