Game progress lost due to game crashing


This happened to me just moments ago, after being able to survive for more than TWO WHOLE HOURS, as well as killing as many as six or seven zombies, getting cloth leggings, gloves, leather boots and a one handed mace (!).

I was going to post these:

in good jest and spirit, but then this happened:

Right after that, on the next click on what seemed to be a chest, game crashed to windows. When I restarted Exanima, to my horror "Continue" option was greyed out, inaccessible, and I realized that I did lose my mace as well as my entire game. As for "checkpoints", well, I never noticed any.

At this point I am sick and disgusted and this cements my stand with others who demand option to save games conventionally. Because seriously, I didn't survive this fucking long and got a damn MACE just to have it all be taken by a bug. Bare Mettle, please implement savegame option.


Thats weird, never had that happen to me nor have i seen anyone else experiencing it. However, ExAnima is still in early access and bugs are to be expected. Bugs like these should be fixed as soon as possible though.

As for checkpoints, you get one every time you enter a new level of the dungeon (going through those huge iron doors), but only IF you "Enable checkpoints" in the settings menu. Be sure to enable them next time you play.

Conventional saves (as in you can save wherever, whenever you want) will never be a part of the game, as it completely ruins the consequence of death other than a loading screen.


Bugs and crashes are bound to happen since its still in beta, but weird there was no savegame, the game is supposed to save continuously. ive had multiple crashes and bugs but the game has always been saved so i could continue off from where the game crashed. does the game save at all for you normally?
the checkpoints are at the end of each level and needs to be activated in the settings menu for to work.
the devs have been against normal saving since day one so its highly doubtful it will be implemented
for quick access to a ball mace:

edit: scarecrow beat me to it


Then I guess I won't be playing the game, even if I supported it.
Not to pour salt or anything but getting "as far" as you seem to have made it takes about 5-10 minutes for me (and I might add I've died ALOT of times and have had to do everything from scratch countless times). Give it another try or increase your skills in the arena to be able to smack those zombies with ease in the future.


I had my first crash today after beating that two handed sword dick on level one. But I am not a cry baby, and my wife can beat Super C without the lives hack, so I started over. Kids these days have it so easy with all those saves and such.

...instant gratification......easy mode.....god entire internet to get cheats and maps off of.....


This will sound rude, and I'm sorry about that, but it sounds a lot like you're at a very early beginner level, as you didn't get really far in those two hours. Things get easier as you play more. Losing a playthrough at random is annoying, I agree. Though later in your career you'll think back at this and laugh at how valuable something this small was to you :)


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