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This thread exists in most other forums I'm in, so I thought I'll open one here, too :)
Have you spotted a nice gaming deal, a great gaming bundle or related offers, post it here!

I'll start with Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition for free on
Lasts only two days, so get it while it's hot!

Also the christmas sale on started, with new deals every day. Today is Bullfrog Favorites day, including games such as Syndicate, Theme Hospital and Magic Carpet:

Also (literally) hundreds of other games are on sale on, so take a look if you find something interesting ;)

Metro 2033 for free (Facebook required!):
And yes, it's an official promotion, even though that link seems a bit strange ;)


The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition (one of THE best story driven AAA RPGs) is on sale for only $7.49 (75% off!).

Here's a LINK

If you haven't played it yet then I'd definitely take advantage of this deal before it expires in 13 hours!

Here's the intro vid:



No matter how many times you've watched it over the past couple of years, it always grabs your attention!!! Good call.
Yes, after I posted it here I ended up watching the intro another three times! It really is a high quality intro :) Fits well with the high quality of the rest of the game.

EDIT: ok, make that four times :p Just had to watch it again.
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Damn can't believe I missed out on a free copy of Duke Nukem! That'll teach me for not being on the ball.

Great idea for a thread. I've not seen a thread like it before but I'll be sure to make one for other forums that lack it.

Game on!


Groupees: Build a Greenlight Bundle
Choose 2 to 9 games and pay what you want (there is a minimum price and it rises, when a game is added!)

Nothing in there I'm really interested in, but maybe someone else will find something.

Street Fighter X Mega Man (DL links are further down the post)
Old School Mega Man game with Street Fighter characters as bosses. Defeat them all to get their powers!


Keep checking Steam every day really. There has already been some December sales with games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive half price etc. There'll be another, bigger one where they have different deals each day for a week or something.


The Humble Indie Bundle 7
  • Snapshot
  • The Binding of Isaac (including Wrath of the Lamb DLC)
  • Closure
  • Indie Game: The Movie
  • Shank 2
Pay more then the average to also receive:
  • Dungeon Defenders (+DLC)
  • The Legend of Grimrock

I can highly recommend The Binding of Isaac, a rather strange and sometimes disturbing little game :D


And I just received a notification from GOG - they have 75% off sale for about 19 hours. Must. Resist. Again.

Should I get me this?


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